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Want to attend university in the United States? World Education Group can help!

World Education Group offers exclusive academic opportunities at universities including US top 100. Students can choose from hundreds of associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programs offered by our accredited partners.

What type of admission is the right fit for you?

Our team walks students through the benefits of each type of admission and in collaboration with counselors from over 25 countries, we can assist in determining what type of admission works best for them.

Direct Admission

Allows students to seek admission to any one of our US partner universities on the basis of talents, achievements, and test scores enabling them to enter into the program they are pursuing. We work directly with admissions counselors to ensure a smooth and timely process.

Direct admission is ideal for students who are able to submit all application materials by the deadline, know what major they want to be admitted to and show by way of test scores and academic record, that they are an exceptional student, and fulfill all other direct admit requirements as outlined by the school of choice.

Conditional Admission

Means that the student has completed all the requirements for admission to a degree program, except one: English proficiency. More and more US universities are offering conditional admission to qualified students who have not taken the English proficiency test such as TOEFL or IELTS.

Conditional admission allows students to gain acceptance to the university and program of their choice after they complete their missing requirement.

Pathway Programs

International Pathway Programs

World Education partnered with IPP SUNY to provide our students with a pathway to State University of NY (SUNY). With the International Pathway Program (IPP) at SUNY Morrisville, students can begin their pathway to academic success at the most highly ranked university system in the USA. Students complete required SUNY General Education undergraduate courses while in the IPP and can begin taking courses within their major by year two. All General Education course credits students earn while in the IPP are 100% guaranteed transferable to their next academic program within SUNY.

This solution works well for students seeking enhanced academic success and personal advisement to reach their academic goals during the first year of their undergraduate degree. Once students earn a competitive GPA and ‘B’ grades in writing courses they can stay at SUNY Morrisville to continue their degree or Go Anywhere in the SUNY System!

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World Education Group partners with Shorelight to create extraordinary opportunities for students, universities, and counselors from all over the world. Together, we’re changing the face of higher education in the United States for international students.

Through this partnership, we strive to help talented learners from all over the world realize their vision of studying at leading universities in the United States with over 2100+ degree programs.

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Remote Learning

With recent changes happening in the world, beginning an academic career in the US may seem difficult. World Education works with accredited American colleges, universities and English language programs across the United States that offer remote learning opportunities. This solution works well for students who cannot be on campus but want to begin their degree at a US university from home.

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International students may consider beginning their US academic career in a Pathway program or community college either remotely or on campus, then transferring to a 4-year US university to complete their degree program. This option works well for students who want a cost-effective option or may require additional academic or English support while providing more time to acclimate to their new US environment. There are also exclusive opportunities available for transfer students.

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Universities seek international students – our job is to help them find you!

We assist students with every aspect of the admissions process; choosing a university and major that meets academic and career goals, guiding you through the enrollment process, while providing the necessary application forms to fill out, ensuring applications are complete, and submitting to the university on your behalf. We’re with you every step of the way!

Begin your US college degree today! Click here to give us more information on how we can help get you started.

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    Want to attend university in the United States? World Education Group can help!