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Partnership has its advantages

Through partnerships with over 30 universities across the United States – including SUNY, one of the top university systems in the US – we can offer our students automatic partial scholarships to those who are qualified for undergraduate admission. Each university’s policy is different, but the typical undergraduate scholarship amount is 25-35% of tuition.

These exclusive scholarships are guaranteed to any World Education Group student who meets university requirements for admission. Some undergraduate scholarships, and most graduate scholarships, are based upon each student’s academic achievements. If granted, the scholarship is applied automatically to the student’s tuition bill every semester. It is also reflected on Section 8b of the I-20 as an international scholarship or merit scholarship.

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World Education Group has successfully brought thousands of students to the US degree studies at accredited US universities. Interested in learning how our team can develop a strategy to assist your institution with international recruitment or how we guide students through the admissions process here in the US? Contact us today to learn how we can make a difference.

Imagine saving 25-35% of tuition.

Our University Partners offer exclusive savings and much more to students who qualify:

  • Exclusive admissions opportunities
  • Scholarships
  • Personalized admissions support

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