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International Pathway Program (IPP)

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International Pathway Programs

Imagine what a SUNY degree can do for you!

Start here. Go Anywhere!

SUNY Morrisville’s International Pathway Program (IPP) provides students with an incredible educational opportunity to complete year one of their undergraduate degree and gain full access to the State University of New York (SUNY) system.

Because SUNY Morrisville is one of SUNY’s 64 universities and colleges, you can choose to stay at SUNY Morrisville or go anywhere within SUNY upon your successful completion of the program.

Once you complete required SUNY General Education undergraduate courses while in the International Pathway Program, you can begin taking courses within your major by year two. Better yet, The SUNY General Education course credits you earn while in the IPP are 100% guaranteed transferable to your next academic program within SUNY.

Imagine what a SUNY degree can do for you! We’re ready to help you achieve academic success!

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