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Spring 2021 Semester:

New Student Online Orientation
January 18 – 22, 2021

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Remote Learning with SUNY!
Spring Session 2021

The International Pathway Program at SUNY Morrisville is bringing your undergraduate courses to your doorstep! Begin classes online now or join us on campus for Spring 2021 classes.

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  1. APPLY Online. At
  2. BEGIN Classes. If circumstances prevent you from studying on campus this spring, you will be able to take the Spring 2021 semester online from the comfort of your own environment.
  3. Arrive On Campus Arrive at SUNY Morrisville for your Second Semester. Experience your SUNY Morrisville community up close!

Did we mention the value? Students only pay a total of $8728. for the Spring 2021 remote learning semester and still have the option to stay at SUNY Morrisville or transfer to any one of SUNY’s 64 universities and colleges after completion of their on-campus semester.